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Blutrol app for jailbroken iOS adapts games to iCade controls

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Bluetrol, an app for jailbroken iOS devices, allows users to map game buttons to the iCade peripheral.

Blutrol Demonstration
Blutrol Demonstration

We're as excited as anyone for the new iCade controllers, but until now, the arcade cabinet was limited to games that had been designed to support it. A new app for jailbroken iOS devices, however, promises to make many games compatible with the iCade and other external systems. Blutrol, which costs $6.99 on the Cydia market, works by letting the user upload a screenshot of a game, then map the peripheral's controls to corresponding buttons in the game. It currently works on the iCade and the iControlPad (in iCade emulation mode), and the developers say they will soon expand it to other popular peripherals.