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Ford CEO Alan Mulally and CTO Paul Mascarenas at CES 2012: The Verge interview

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Alan Mulally and Paul Mascarenas
Alan Mulally and Paul Mascarenas

We just had an opportunity a few minutes ago to catch up with Alan Mulally and Paul Mascarenas, CEO and CTO of Ford, who are once again in Vegas to show off some of Detroit's finest steel at CES. In fact, this is Ford's fifth consecutive show — a telling sign that the auto industry's trend toward high-tech feature lists is very likely here to stay.

At this year's event, Ford debuted the 2013 Fusion Hybrid, which features a pair of geeky (and popular) features that have become ubiquitous with Ford's presence at CES: Sync and MyFord Touch. What does consumer tech mean to a meat-and-potatoes American institution that's been around for over a hundred years? Let's take a look.