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TOSY Robotics mRobo Ultra Bass: 2 gigabytes of dancing robot (update: pics)

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The TOSY Robotics mRobo Ultra Bass is a 2GB MP3 player that will dance pre-programmed routines to "virtually any" genre of music.

tosy robom
tosy robom

Remember Sony's Rolly, the auto-rolling MP3 player? The mRobo Ultra Bass from TOSY Robotics looks to be along those lines, though it manages the considerably more complicated feat of bipedal motion. It has 2GB of onboard memory that can be filled up with tunes over USB, and will morph from a speaker into a 18-inch-tall dancing human form with a speaker once you press "play". The mRobo dances with pre-programmed routines, but is apparently capable of analyzing beats and rhythms so that it can get down to "virtually any" genre of music. Justin Bieber will help unveil the product this afternoon, and you'd better belieb that we'll be there to verify TOSY's claims.