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Dyle Mobile TV on MetroPCS: over the air broadcast TV on Android and iOS (video)

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Dyle TV was showing off its TV broadcast system for Android and iOS devices at CES.


One-seg TV tuning has been around for ages in Japan, but no one's been successful at bringing it Stateside. The folks at MetroPCS and Mobile Content Venture — a joint venture of 12 content providers including Fox and NBC— want to be the first with Dyle Mobile TV. Dyle relies on a two-part system to get broadcasts on your device — some kind of antenna, and a downloadable app for iOS or Android. Because there's no hardware required in-device, practically anything running iOS or Android phone is capable of receiving broadcasts, and because there's no need to be connected to the internet, you don't have to pay anything extra for all of the reruns you're watching on your way home from work.

Dyle showed us a prototype Samsung phone with a retractable antenna at CES today, and while reception wasn't always reliable, the digital picture was bright and clear. The popularity of downloadable content has caused a lot of people to cut their cords, including many of us, but we can definitely see the appeal of having free sports and news broadcasts everywhere we go.