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Blue microphones at CES 2012: Tiki, Mikey Digital and Spark Digital hands-on

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Blue introduced a trio of new mics here at CES 2012; Spark Digital, Mikey Digital and Tiki.

Blue Spark Digital microphone
Blue Spark Digital microphone

We just caught up with Blue at ShowStoppers and saw its lineup of recently announced microphones. First up is the Tiki, a portable USB microphone that has intelligent auto-muting, making Skype calls and podcasts even more crisp and clear. Though it was a non-working prototype, the Tiki's build quality was terrific — you'll probably feel comfortable tossing it right into your bag without it suffering any damage. The Mikey and Spark mics look similar to their previous-gen analog brethren, but the Spark Digital rests on a shock-absorbent stand, similar to other high-end microphones. Check out the gallery below for some closeups of Blue's new lineup.