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ViewSonic gives your phone a 23-inch touchscreen

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Viewsonic has announced a 23-inch 10-point capacitive touchscreen that connects to phones and tablets as a second display.

ViewSonic TDI2220
ViewSonic TDI2220

ViewSonic has announced a 23-inch touchscreen monitor (TDI2340) with 10-point capacitive multi-touch and built-in wireless 802.11b/g/n connectivity. The wireless connection lets you extend your phone to the big screen or use it as a second display (though it isn't clear exactly how), as well as stream photos and other media like YouTube and the now-obligatory Netflix. All this "smart" is powered by an ARM11 processor underneath the full HD IPS display. The company also announced a 2-point multi-touch screen (TD2220) measuring 22-inches that appears not to have all the brains of its brother. ViewSonic hasn't announced prices, but more info is "coming soon" at the website.