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Google Maps for Android gets optimized battery and directions, more indoor maps added

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An update to Google Maps for Android has optimized battery and improved navigation. Google is also releasing the first of its indoor maps from the Floor Plan beta.


Google's latest update to Maps for Android has added a few tweaks that should improve directions and battery life. The beta Transit Navigation feature can now use vehicle speed to estimate where you are if GPS is lost, and there are more options for public transportation routes. Additionally, using Latitude and Location History should draw less battery power.

Google is also releasing the first of the floor plans it started collecting through its online tool last November, and has added indoor maps for CES and some other parts of Las Vegas. Floor Plans is still in beta and doesn't accept submissions for non-public buildings like residences or places that require clearance to enter, but it sounds like we can look for more user-submitted indoor maps to start showing up on Android soon.