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'Kid Icarus: Uprising' features last-minute Circle Pad Pro support

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In an interview with Official Nintendo Magazine UK, developer Masahiro Sakurai has detailed his upcoming game Kid Icarus: Uprising's support for the Circle Pad Pro peripheral.

circle pad pro
circle pad pro

Masahiro Sakurai, legendary developer of Kirby, Smash Bros., and now Kid Icarus: Uprising, has revealed that his latest 3DS title will support the Circle Pad Pro — though he didn't find out about the peripheral himself before it was publicly announced in September. Kid Icarus: Uprising is a shooting game that has the player moving the character with the analog stick, firing with the shoulder button, and aiming with the stylus on the touchscreen, but early impressions of the title had left-handed players complaining that it was uncomfortable to play. It sounds like Nintendo's announcement of the extra analog stick in September threw the developers a lifeline, as southpaws will now be able to move the character with the right stick while directing fire with their dominant hand. Sakurai said that he was happy to be able to provide support for players of either persuasion, but it looks like you're out of luck if you want a more traditional dual-stick control scheme — the developer is insistent that touchscreen aiming offers a better experience. Kid Icarus: Uprising hits store shelves on March 22nd in Japan and the 23rd in the US.