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Panasonic shows off concept lenses with better focusing, improved video performance

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Panasonic is showing off two concept lenses at CES, with improved focusing, stabilization, and video performance.

Panasonic concept lenses
Panasonic concept lenses

CES is full of gadgets we'll see sometime in the next year, but Panasonic is showing off two concept camera lenses that are likely much further off. Underneath the glass at the company's booth are 12-35mm and a 35-100mm (their respective equivalents are 24-70mm and 70-200mm), f/2.8 lenses that Panasonic reps said will bring far better focusing to its Micro Four Thirds cameras, especially for video recording. The Lumix GX1 has already improved focusing performance over Panasonic's previous models, and the new lenses will bring the GX1's speed and accuracy to Panasonic's other cameras, along with a new hybrid image stabilzation feature that will combine electronic and optical stabilization. Panasonic's long been touting its lens prowess thanks to its relationship with Leica, and the company seems to smartly know that improved focusing and video on its Micro Four Thirds cameras would open the shooters to a whole new market.