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Facebook quietly debuts 'Featured' ads in news feeds

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Facebook rolls out ads directly in users' news feeds.


Facebook had rather quietly rolled out new advertisements, injecting them directly into users' news feeds. Originally, the company planned for the ads to be marked "Sponsored," by they've instead appeared with the label "Featured," which is likely to trick more than a few users into clicking accidentally, which is likely Facebook's intention. They "Featured" ads will appear as your friends' Facebook "Like" activity, and a spokesperson for the company said this strategy would keep everything "consistent." "Since people can see marketing messages from both pages they have and have not Liked elsewhere on Facebook," the spokesperson said, "we want to make it clear that marketers can only pay for stories to be featured in your news feed if you have explicitly liked the page." Interestingly, it seems that a backlash is likely to be targeted at users' friends rather than Facebook -- which should work out just fine for Facebook.