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Motorola MT917 and XT920 hands-on

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Motorola's MT917 and XT928 high-end smartphones are available in China and have 720P displays.

Motorola MT917 and XT920
Motorola MT917 and XT920

Motorola's MT917 and XT928 became official soon after we saw them floating around in China, and we got to spend some time with the devices at Motorola's booth here at CES. Both phones are running Android 2.3 and have a gorgeous 1280x720 display protected by Gorilla Glass. Similar to the RAZR, the MT917 (pictured left) has a woven Kevlar back panel and sealed battery door. The phone felt lightweight yet durable in hand, and the 1.2Ghz dual-core processor under the hood made for fluid homescreen transitions. Moto's XT928, although it has the same 4.5-inch screen as the MT917, felt quite bulky and thick, and frankly a bit weighty as well. However, that 720P display is very pleasing to the eyes. Both phones are available now in China only, but the pictures below should give you an idea of what they're like.