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Motorola Home Gateway demo: never leave your home unattended

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Motorola demoed its new home automation hardware at CES; it works with a variety of wireless communication standards, giving you a single interface to control all your connected appliances.

Motorola Home Gateway
Motorola Home Gateway

Motorola has a demo of its latest home automation hardware called the Home Gateway here at CES, and it makes a valiant effort to bring together a variety of automation protocols (Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Insteon) into a single box that acts as the central hub for your connected home appliances. This allows you to mix and match the current industry semi-standards and control lights, manage power consumption, lock doors, and arm or disarm your security system through a single interface. The interface works on tablets and phones running iOS and Android and even overlays information (like when doors are opened) through your set-top box onto your TV. It all runs on the company's recently acquired 4Home platform --- the same one that Verizon uses for its Home Monitoring and Control subscription service that launched last October. There's no information on pricing or availability because Motorola is not offering it directly to customers. Instead, it's partnering with service providers, much like it does with the cable-boxes and modems it sells. Representatives were pretty tigh-lipped about who exactly those partners will be, but there may be some announcements in the future.