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Fujifilm launching limited edition black X100 for $1,700 (hands-on pictures)

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Fulfilm is launching a 10,000-unit limited run of a black X100, and it will set you back $1,700.

Black X100
Black X100

There probably aren't a lot of people who complain about the retro design of the Fujifilm X100, but if you're not happy, the company's shipping a limited run of blacked-out X100s. We got to check it out under the glass at Fujifilm's CES booth, and it looks...well, it looks like the X100, just black instead of silver. But it's gorgeous — I've always preferred the design of the X10 to the X100, and this limited edition makes the two look quite similar. Fujfilm's only making 10,000 of these, and they'll cost $1700 (a $500 premium over the silver model), so only the most aesthetically picky need apply.