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On the floor at LG: an 84-inch 4K prototype, and the 1mm-bezel LM9600

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LG was showing off its 2012 HDTV lineup at CES, including an 84-inch 4K panel, and the LM9600 — a 55-inch set with a 1mm bezel.


We've been walking around LG's booth at CES and one of the biggest draws here is the company's 84-inch 4K monster panel. The display, marked "84UD," is a 3840x2160-pixel LCD with 8 million-color pixels and LED edge lighting, and FPR (passive) 3D. Inside, the behemoth has built-in Blu-ray to 4K upconversion and LG's Smart TV platform. A rep on the floor told us that we can expect the TV in stores in the second half of 2012.

The company had the rest of its 2012 lineup laid out, and we also spotted the LM9600, a slim 55-incher with a tiny 1mm bezel. The image only stops 5mm from the edge of the TV, making for a pretty dramatic black bar-less effect, and the panel features LG's Nano LED backlighting, with the LED substrate directly on the panel.The LM9600, as well as the rest of LG's non 84-inch lineup, are slated for release in March or April.