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Shazam launches Shazam Player, now plays your music too

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Shazam launched a new app for iOS devices, which plays music back and adds some social listening features.

Shazam Player
Shazam Player

Shazam's game has always been music discovery — hear a song you like, Shazam tells you what it is — but now the company wants to play that music for you too. It launched a new app for iOS devices called Shazam Player, which both plays your music and adds a bunch of useful information to your library. The app will show you lyrics for whatever you're listening to, and lets you share what you're listening to on Facebook or Twitter. You can also find concerts for artists you like, or search YouTube for more things to listen to. You can also find new stuff to listen to through the Top Tracks list (currently curated by Maroon 5, but we'll try not to hold that against Shazam), or hide songs in your library so they won't show up in shuffle mode. Oddly, the new app is separate from the song-identifying Shazam app, but there's at least a link in the player to the original app. The app sounds pretty solid, though we're definitely a little worried about the random acts of karaoke that in-app lyrics might inspire.