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Rockchip Android 4.0-ready chip hands-on

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Chinese fabless chip maker Rockchip was exhibiting its new RK2918 chip for Android 4.0 at CES.


We just stopped by the Rockchip booth here at CES to check out some devices with the company's new RK2918 chip for Android 4.0. We got to play with a handset with the new chip running a not-fully-baked version of Ice Cream Sandwich, but unfortunately apps were crashing, and we weren't able to do much with the device before the battery died.

Rockchip's not so well known in North America, but according to its press release it has 80 percent of the mobile processor market in China. An engineer at the booth told us that we won't likely see phones with the RK2918 in the US any time soon, but if the slew of tablets on hand were any indication, $99 Android 4.0 Rockchip tablets are right around the corner.