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Justin Bieber. A dancing robot. CES 2012.

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Justin Bieber demos the TOSY mRobo robot at CES 2012.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

If Justin Bieber can take the time to unveil a robot, it's got to be totally amazing and beautiful just like him, right? Well, sort of. The TOSY mRobo is a speaker dock that snaps up into a dancing robot when it begins to hear music. However, right now it seems mRobo, which is in a serious prototype phase at the moment, can only go through a set of automatic functions. Understandably, the mRobo seemed a bit nervous during his unveil with Bieber, but he had a bit of trouble showing his moves during the press conference. It was able to shoot up its head and then do a few splits, but other than that it wasn't much of a show. I also got a look at the robot (and Bieber) after the presser and the poor thing still has a bunch of wires hanging out of its back. According to TOSY, by the time it hits this summer for around $200, it will be able to do a series of dance moves. But hey, I got to meet Justin Bieber, and well, that makes the TOSY mRobo best robot ever. Video of it all below.