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BlackBerry Tag unlocks NFC in BB OS 7.1 (video)

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BlackBerry OS 7.1 brings BlackBerry Tag, a new feature that unlocks the capabilities of NFC devices. Users can transfer any pictures, videos, contacts, and web links.

BlackBerry Tag NFC
BlackBerry Tag NFC

RIM announced BlackBerry OS 7.1 a few days ago, and one of the main new features finally brings functionality to the NFC chips in its latest crop of smartphones. BlackBerry Tag allows for quick information sharing between two NFC-equipped phones when you hold them back-to-back. It takes around 2-3 seconds before you hear a notification and the two devices become linked and can share information. Photos, videos, documents, contacts, and documents are transmitted over Bluetooth, though you can also add BBM contacts and send web links by tapping as part of the OS update. The first time you share information with a device, a password it required for security purposes. RIM has also recently received Visa certification for its devices, bringing payWave support in addition to the pre-existing MasterCard PayPass capabilities. The company is also offering NFC APIs to developers, so it'll be interesting to see what other uses pop up for the communication tech.