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Warpia PC-to-TV wireless HDMI streaming hands-on (video)

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Hands-on impressions and video of WarpiaTV's wireless HDMI streaming solution.


WarpiaTV seems like a pretty simple solution to a pretty simple problem, and we were impressed by the company's implementation of the tech. It essentially functions as a wireless HDMI cable for your computer and TV — a USB dongle communicates with a receiver that connects directly to the TV's HDMI port. There's a wireless, motion controlled remote for navigating the icon-based browser interface and grabbing content from sources like YouTube, or you can just use the TV as a second display with the remote functioning as your mouse cursor. Both were pretty smooth in operation, without any noticeable lag, and we appreciated the simplicity of the two approaches. While it's easy to see why flashier smart TV solutions have been getting more press at CES this year, WarpiaTV should appeal to people looking for a simple way to get their digital content onto the big screen. The full package with remote, receiver, dongle, and HDMI cable goes for $199.99, and went on sale yesterday.

Adi Robertson contributed to this report.