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Boxee's Live TV joins the Facebook Open Graph party

Boxee's Live TV joins the Facebook Open Graph party


Boxee has revealed more details on the Live TV's sharing integration, which utilises Open Graph to automatically share

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Boxee has announced a new level of Facebook integration to its service, using the Open Graph auto-sharing feature to post what you're watching in Live TV dongle direct to your Timeline. The integration runs a little deeper than this, though: as you might have glimpsed in our hands-on video yesterday, the TV guide displays how many of your Facebook friends are also watching the same show. By the time the feature is fully live, the number of people will be replaced by your friend's profile picture, letting you decide whether to watch the show based how much you trust your buddies tastes.

Following the links the app posts into Facebook will take users to Boxee's portal for the show — from there you can add it either to your Favorites or Watch Later queue. Just in case you accidentally hit Jersey Shore rather than The Killing, shows only get shared after you've watched for two minutes, and if you aren't feeling social with your watching habits then you can opt out altogether. The new sharing features will launch with the Live TV, which is set release later this month.