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CES 2012 on video: what we've seen so far

CES 2012 on video: what we've seen so far


Ultrabooks, smart TVs, Android, and Justin Bieber — just regular CES stuff

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You know, there's a lot of action here at CES. We mean a lot. A ton.

The entire Verge team has been set on rapid-fire trying to capture everything that seems meaningful at the show, and some of the best moments have been the videos that we've cranked out. From exclusive interviews, product demos, live events, and more — our team has been there, cameras running, getting the story.

We thought we'd compile some of our favorite moments (thus far) below, so check out the impressive and insane news we've gotten so far right below.

And yes, there is a video below where our Joanna Stern talks to Justin Bieber.