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DLNA Premium Video sends protected TV shows and film to any DLNA device

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DNLA announces Premium Video certification that enables premium content delivery to certified devices in the home.


The Digital Living Network Alliance used CES 2012 to introduce DLNA Premium Video — an extension to existing standards that enables service providers like cable companies to stream protected films and television shows to DLNA certified devices. While this sounds significant given the hundreds of thousands of DLNA certified TVs, tablets, smartphones, Blu-ray Disc players, media streamers, and game consoles already sold, the standard requires at least one DLNA Premium Video certified device in the home.

Service providers stream content directly to the DLNA Premium Video certified set-top box / DVR which can then be accessed by any regular DLNA device on the home network. The standard is DRM agnostic and co-developed with a long list of DLNA alliance partners including Broadcom, Microsoft, Sony, DirecTV, Cisco, Verizon, and more. We're told that some devices will be software upgradeable to Premium Video. The alliance has a working demonstration with partners Intel and Comcast here at CES 2012, but no DLNA Premium Video certified devices have been announced. Dlna_premium_content_today