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Hyperkin's $19.99 Game Genie for Nintendo 3DS (hands-on video)

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Belkin's Game Genie is a $19.99 cheat device that's compatible with all of Nintendo's DS handhelds.

game genie
game genie

We stopped by Hyperkin's booth at CES to take a look at their Game Genie cheat device for Nintendo's DSes — the same device works with the original DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, and even the 3DS. In case you don't remember the original Game Genie, game cards plug in to one end, the other end goes into the console, and when you turn on to play you can choose from a list of cheats like unlimited lives or never-ending tanooki suit. The DS Game Genie is available now, and a PSP version is coming at the end of the month. A Vita version is in the works too, and should be out around the same time that the new console lands in the States.