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Snapseed, Apple's 2011 'App of the Year,' coming to Android and Mac

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Photography app Snapseed is coming to the Mac App Store and Android, after a successful iOS debut that saw it named Apple's App of the Year for 2011.

joanna bieber snapseed
joanna bieber snapseed

Snapseed, the photo editing app that won Apple's App of the Year award for 2011, is coming to Android and the Mac App Store in early 2012. It's a pretty slick app on iOS, with a simple yet powerful interface that allows for easy application of filters and effects to photos in your library. Both new versions come with caveats, though — the Mac version will go for a pricey-sounding $19.99, and the $4.99 Android version will initially run only on Tegra-powered Ice Cream Sandwich tablets. Nvidia showed off the app running on an Android 4.0-loaded Transformer Prime during their press conference, using it to demonstrate the SoC's processing power.

Update: the app is now live in the Mac App Store.