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HiRISE's new images of Mars are released

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The HiRISE camera produces new, never before seen views of Mars.

Mars from HiRISE
Mars from HiRISE

If you're not already familiar, HiRISE, or the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment, is a camera built by the University of Arizona, which is currently orbiting Mars aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. As you may have guessed from the name, the resolution of the imaging is quite high, and averages around 25 centimeters per pixel. For the past five and a half years, the camera has been taking photos of Mars, and it has returned some 22,000 total images. The most recent batch has just arrived, and show some beautiful, never-before-seen details of the planet. io9 has an in depth interview with Alfred McEwan and Ari Espinoza, two people who have worked on the project. You can read it right here.