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'Kid Icarus: Uprising' to come bundled with Nintendo 3DS Stand

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Kid Icarus will come bundled with a stand for more comfortable playing, according to a tweet by the game's producer Masahiro Sakurai.

Gallery Photo: Nintendo 3DS stand for Kid Icarus
Gallery Photo: Nintendo 3DS stand for Kid Icarus

Not to overwhelm you with Kid Icarus: Uprising-related control scheme news or anything, but we thought this was pretty interesting — the game will come bundled with what appears to be an official peripheral called the "Nintendo 3DS Stand". Producer Masahiro Sakurai made the announcement on Twitter, saying that the stand is designed to let you set the system down and easily control the game with the stylus, and we can actually see that being a pretty comfortable position. As we mentioned yesterday, Kid Icarus: Uprising has you moving your character with an analog stick and aiming fire with the stylus, meaning that you have to support the entire weight of the 3DS in a single hand. We don't have any more information than this at the moment, but we'll let you know when we do, including if it'll be coming to regions outside Japan.