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Target confirms plans to launch Apple mini-stores in 25 locations

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In a presentation earlier today, Target confirmed rumors of a new partnership with Apple, bringing a new store-within -a-store concept to 25 of Target's locations.

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Retailer Target has confirmed a tie-in with Apple that was rumored last week, announcing that 25 of its locations will host the Apple-centric displays this year. Reuters reports that during a presentation earlier today, the company launched its new "Shops at Target" drive, which will bring boutique-style stores-within-stores to the retail chain. The shops will be sited in areas where there's not demand for a full Apple store, allowing Apple to extend its physical presence and give more consumers a chance to try out its products before buying.

While Apple concessions exist in Best Buy stores already, neither Target or Apple has given any more details on what will be offered by the new concept. It's also not clear whether the range of services offered in Apple's main stores like the Genius Bar or Personal Setup will also make the jump.