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Facebook introduces 'listen with friends' feature for Spotify, Rdio, and Mog (update)

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Facebook is rolling out a "listen with friends" feature that allows for a shared real-time listening experience with group chat capabilities for up to 50 people.

facebook music timline
facebook music timline

Facebook was rumored to be integrating a "listen with friends" feature into its news ticker at the f8 developer conference, but the feature is finally rolling out today with features. Now when you're listening to a track, a music note will appear next to your name in chat and in the news ticker, and your friends can listen along to a perfectly-synced song with one click. When you begin using the feature it will pop open a group chat, which up to 50 of your friends can join. Unlike, you can't switch DJs, though you can pause songs or stop participating at any time. We're also not sure whether it requires all listeners to be members of the service, since Facebook's blog did not specify. The service is said to be up and running for Spotify users now though we couldn't use it ourselves, and Rdio and other Facebook-integrated music services are said to be gaining support in the coming days.

Update: The service is already live for Rdio and Mog users, letting them join in on the group listening fun.