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Foursquare brings its 'Explore' recommendations to the web

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Foursquare launches a web version of Explore, its recommendation.

Foursquare Explore
Foursquare Explore

Last year, Foursquare debuted a new feature within its app called Explore. The Explore tab within the application mines users' check-in information to make customized recommendations for places to eat, drink or visit. That tool has apparently been successful enough for them to announce today that they have launched a version of the engine for the web -- a new step for Foursquare, which is almost entirely application-based. This will likely move the focal point of the service away from check-ins and badges (though of course, that is where the company gets all of its free data), toward competitors such as Yelp and Zagat. And if you ask us, those companies should be very afraid, as Foursquare's recommendations have the capacity to be far more tailored to individual users based on their previous check-ins, and their friends, than those services do.