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Vizio's $99 VAP430 Stream Player hands-on, release is 'imminent'

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We took a look at Vizio's recently-announced VAP430, an all-in-one media streamer and Google TV.

Vizio VAP430 Media Streamer with Google TV
Vizio VAP430 Media Streamer with Google TV

Vizio has introduced an entire ecosystem's worth of video and computing products at CES this year, and we just took a look at their entry-level device: the Vizio VAP430 Stream Player. It's a tiny black box that fits in the palm of your hand — not quite the size of a hockey puck, but very close — that will provide access to the usual streaming suspects like Netflix through Vizio's Via Plus platform, and allow you to display media from your mobile device via DLNA. Plug your set-top box into the HDMI input, and you've also got a Google TV, complete with IR blaster control of your STB (and OnLive is on the way).

The device is fairly straightforward in terms of ports: ethernet, HDMI in and out, USB and a plug for the IR blaster (Wi-Fi is also included). We weren't able to see the UI in action, but were told it will use the exact same interface and remote as the rest of Vizio's Google TV-enabled devices. If this sounds like something you'd like to add to your set-up, you won't have long to wait: the release of the device was said to be "imminent," with a confirmed price of $99.