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IK Multimedia iRig Mix turns your iOS device into a DJ setup (hands-on video)

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We take a look at IK Multimedia's iRig Mix, a DJ mixer that connects to iOS devices.

IK Multimedia iRig Mix
IK Multimedia iRig Mix

There are plenty of iOS apps for amateur DJs, but if you really need to look the part, there's the IK Multimedia iRig Mix. It's a white slab that connects to one or two iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad are all supported) and adds a bunch of easy-to-access DJ controls to your music. You can use almost any music player app, reps said, and control equalizer functions with the knobs and sliders on the iRig. Mostly, we bet you'll use crossfade — if you're the DJ at your friends' party, sliding seamlessly from one song to the next makes you look pretty awesome. There's a free companion app for iOS called DJ iRig, which makes the crossfade even easier by taking the audio out from one iPod, syncing its tempo with the other, and seamlessly integrating the two. The $99 iRig Mix will be available in February, so get yourself some super-rad headphones and you'll be looking like a pro in no time.

TC Sottek contributed to this story.