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Xi3 shows off TAND3M, microSERV3R, and other 3-related things (hands-on)

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Xi3, which builds modular computers, had TAND3M computer-sharing software as well as a new server and racks for it on display at CES.

Xi3 Server Rack
Xi3 Server Rack

Xi3's modular computer is based on three motherboards on top of each other, but apparently the company decided it still needed more ways to stack things. Its booth at CES holds what its say is the first public demonstration of the new microSERV3R and three flavors of racks designed to hold it. The server, announced back in November, is built with the same modular design as the standard Xi3, but varies the inputs, adding an extra ethernet port, more eSATA ports, and a spot for fiber channel input. The servers clip into the racks, which can apparently stack anywhere from three to 224 of them. These are supposed to come out in the first half of 2012.

The TAND3M software, which lets two users work on one Xi3, was on display as well, and seemed to be playing separate standard-definition video with no problems. There's not supposed to be a noticeable drop in performance with the $100 software, but Xi3 didn't have a single-user unit on display for comparison, so we'll have to take their word on it.