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Gadmei T863 and E8-3D glasses-free 3D Android 4.0 tablets: hands-on

Gadmei has brought a couple of new 8-inch glasses-free 3D tablets running Android 4 to CES, but despite their near-identical specifications, the displays couldn't be more different.

Gallery Photo: Gadmei T863 and E8-3D glasses-free 3D Ice Cream Sandwich tablets hands-on photos
Gallery Photo: Gadmei T863 and E8-3D glasses-free 3D Ice Cream Sandwich tablets hands-on photos

We just dropped by Gadmei's booth at CES, where they're showing a couple of tablets with glasses-free 3D technology — the T863 and E8-3D. There are a few visual differences, but the tablets are nearly identical in terms of hardware. Both feature Android 4.0.3 on top of a 1GHz Cortex A9 processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage, and a 5000mAh battery. Alongside this, you'll get a 0.3MP webcam, an optional 2MP rear shooter, microSD slot, and micro USB and mini HDMI ports. The chief difference lies in the 8-inch displays used in each of the tablets. Both use parallax barrier glasses-free 3D, and while the resolutions are almost identical — the T863 sports a 1280 x 768 screen, as compared to the E8-3D's 1280 x 800 — the performance of these two displays couldn't be more different.

When it comes to 3D pictures and movies, the T863 is frankly terrible. We couldn't find a sweet spot where viewing the display gave a consistent picture, and even when looking directly at the tablet could see ghosting of objects towards the edges. Thankfully, the E8-3D suffers none of these issues. The company all but confirmed that it packs the same display used in the WikiPad (which it also manufactures), which again gave a clean and believable 3D image thanks to a much higher quality parallax barrier. Sadly, Gadmei hasn't solved the panel's fingerprint issue — both units picked up grease and dirt incredibly easily, which lessened even the E8's viewing experience.

You might remember we saw the T863 on sale at Brando a few days ago running Android 2.3, which explains the non-functional capacitive buttons on the display's bezel. Gadmei explained that these will be removed in the final product, and that any orders made now will be for the finished Android 4.0 version. While the T863's already available, no date's yet set for the E8-3D, though Gadmei gave us wholesale prices of around $130 and $160 respectively.