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BlackBerry PlayBook gets 'Cut The Rope' at CES 2012 (hands-on)

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RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook tablet gets its own version of 'Cut The Rope.'

BlackBerry PlayBook Cut The Rope
BlackBerry PlayBook Cut The Rope

Cut The Rope is the latest big title game to gain compatibility with the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Microsoft launched an HTML5 version of the fun puzzle game during its CES 2012 press conference just a few days ago, but Om Nom the little green gobbler is also making its way to QNX. RIM is displaying the game quite prominently in its own booth on the show floor, and it's still the same challenging but delightful experience. Performance seemed fine on the PlayBook hardware — but then again that's never really been the device's problem. Still, if you're a PlayBook owner and you've already beaten Angry Birds, you can head over to BlackBerry App World and download the game for $2.99.