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CTX MIseeTX is a computer, keyboard, mouse, and monitor in one tiny box (hands-on video)

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We stopped by CTX's CES booth to test out the company's new computer, which somewhat redefines the term "all-in-one computer."


Laptops are so 2011. That's why CTX built the MIseeTX desktop computer, which is smaller than a laptop but considerably more complicated: the Windows 7 machine has a projector for showing its picture on a wall, another for projecting a virtual keyboard and trackpad onto a flat surface, and just about every port you can think of. There's a 4.3-inch touchscreen on the computer, along with a 1.2GHz processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, two USB ports, SD and mIcroSD slots, a webcam, and more. The whole thing would fit easily into a backpack, and you'll never forget your mouse again. The computer isn't especially new (though it hasn't been released yet), but when we stumbled upon it at CTX's CES booth, how could we resist?

Leaving aside the fact that the MIseeTX makes absolutely no sense as a product, it's really, really cool. It's not exactly a powerhouse productivity machine, but it seemed to work reasonably well once we figured out how to use the keyboard. It can be a super-simple home theater PC that can project an 88-inch image (though it's only an 854 x 480 picture), and can rotate to even project on the ceiling. It's also the most eye-catching computer you could possibly take to Starbucks. Its battery will last two hours, or you can plug it in and use it endlessly. The projector lens is on a hinge, so it can rotate and project on the ceiling while you're in bed. If you want something portable that makes much less sense than a laptop but will assure you endless street cred, you'll be able to get the MIseeTX for about $600, from CTX as well as LG and other partners.

TC Sottek contributed to this story.