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FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski on SOPA, Reddit, and the future of the internet

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Nilay Patel from The Verge sits down with FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski to talk about SOPA, Reddit, smart TV, and LTE interoperability.


I caught up with FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski here at CES for a quick chat — he gave a speech yesterday arguing for speeding up spectrum auctions by implementing incentive auctions. I wanted to start with something a little closer to the ground though: the general outcry over SOPA and the planned Reddit blackout on January 18th. Surprise: Genachowsi is a Reddit reader, and he says he definitely hears the frustration — and while he thinks intellectual property need protection, he doesn't want to "break the internet."

We also spoke about LTE interoperability and what it might take to get all the carriers to work together, and we ended with a discussion about smart TV, CableCARD, and the future of content delivery. It was an interesting little chat — now we just have to figure out the Chairman's Reddit handle.