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iHome's 2012 lineup of iPhone and iPad speaker docks (hands-on)

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Hands-on impressions and photos of iHome's iD99, iD95, iD55, and iD50 clock radios and speakers for iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

Gallery Photo: iHome iD99 dual-docking iPhone and iPad clock radio (hands-on photos)
Gallery Photo: iHome iD99 dual-docking iPhone and iPad clock radio (hands-on photos)

After showing us its selection of AirPlay speakers, iHome dumped an array of Bluetooth speakers, clock radios, and more on us here at CES. First up is the iD99 clock radio, which has a pretty wacky setup: a 30-pin dock connector for an iPod or iPhone and another that can accomodate an iPad. If that's not enough there's also a 3.5mm line-in jack and an FM radio as well. It's slated for release in September for $129.99.

Next up is the iD55 portable iPhone, iPad, and iPod speaker. This one's pretty small and light, and has a faux leather cover the protects the dock connector (which folds down when you close the device). The models on the show floor were rather beat up, but we were told these were prototypes and that the final version won't have these problems. It'll be in stores for $79.99 in August.

The company's iD95 is a dual alarm clock: you can set and schedule two different alarms. The clock also has a bult-in FM radio, a 3.5mm auxiliary jack, and a 30-pin dock connector for your various iDevices. The radio works with iHome's Sleep and Radio apps, and should be available in March for $99.99.

Lastly, iHome had its iD50 Bluetooth clock radio on hand. This one can be used as a huge speakerphone if you so choose, and it has a built-in FM radio too. We were told that you'd be able to pick one up sometime this month for $169.99.