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Bloomberg profiles Steve Ballmer, doesn't find a monkey boy

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It was nice seeing a downright giddy Steve Ballmer "bro down" with Ryan Seacrest (of Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve with Ryan Seacrest fame) at Microsoft's final CES keynote. The presentation didn't break any huge stories, but it did give us a nice look back on the company's relationship with the show over the years. Of course, if you're a true Ballmer fan, one liveblog is not nearly enough to get you through the week. In that case, be sure to check out the Bloomberg Businessweek profile of the beloved CEO. It goes some way to dispel the image of "the sweaty, breathless, booming clown seen in countless YouTube clips, such as the 'monkey boy' dance from a decade ago." It's also a pretty nice roundup of the man's tenure thus far, including the current state of Microsoft. Hit the source link to check it out.