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Totally random, end-of-CES meetup at The Verge trailer, 3PM Friday... and we're bringing the iNuke Boom

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Breaking and exclusive

Josh iNuke
Josh iNuke

Guys. This is happening.

Friday at 3PM, we're having a one-hour, full-on jam session outside of our trailer, just across from central hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center (you know, where CES takes place).

We've convinced Behringer to drag the iNuke Boom out of its booth and over to our space so everyone can experience the sheer CESness of a $30,000, 8-foot long iPod dock. We'll be hand-picking a playlist and just hanging out from 3-4PM PST, so if you're looking for something fun and weird to end the show with... this is it.

Seriously — come over and say hello! Also, it'll get loud.