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World's smallest media player doesn't require a power plug

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Sigma's EasyTV reference design turns any TV with a USB jack into a smartTV.

World's smallest media player
World's smallest media player

What you're looking at is the world's smallest media player from Sigma Designs — even smaller than the HTC Media Link. The EasyTV is just a working reference design so it's not for sale but could be if a manufacturer decides to move forward with the blueprint. The ultra efficient device doesn't require a power plug tethered back to the wall jack yet still pumps 1080p video received over Wi-Fi up through your television's HDMI cable. Inside you'll find Sigma's SMP867X multimedia chip processor with support for DLNA and 802.11n Wi-Fi (and Wi-Fi Direct). Power is provided by the unused USB jack on the back of your television making this an easy way to make some televisions into smart TVs.