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Aigo glasses-free 3D video player (hands-on)

Aigo glasses-free 3D video player (hands-on)


Aigo plans to release a pair of portable media players with glasses-free 3D. The players, which are already out in China, may come to the US in the first half of 2012.

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Glasses-free 3D has made quite a showing at CES, but the extra dimension isn't always worth it. Aigo, which makes everything from cameras to tablets, has gotten into the game a bit early, with a pair of glasses-free 3D portable media players already out in China and theoretically coming to the US in the first half of 2012.The 3D, however, is grainy and blurry, and it's really the only reason to buy the devices, which are otherwise unremarkable players that feel years old.

The players we saw come in a white 6-inch version, the PMP663-3D, and black 8-inch one, the PMP887-3D. Both include 4GB internal memory, expandable by SD in the 8-inch and miniSD in the 6-inch. Navigation happens using the buttons on the side and a basic screen interface, but there's not a lot to see besides the video player. The 8-inch version does include some odd bells and whistles, like a flip-out stand on the back and a receiver that Aigo says will be for a remote control, but it's not enough to make the Chinese price, 1299 yuan (about $205), seem any less steep for what you get.

Aigo glasses-free 3D movie player