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RIM reportedly hires Goldman Sachs 'to explore strategic options'

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RIM has reportedly hired Goldman Sachs to "explore strategic options."

RIM Logo 640
RIM Logo 640

Once again, rumors of a RIM shakeup are circulating now that Fox Business is reporting that the firm may have hired Goldman Sachs "to explore strategic options." Back in December, reports emerged that Amazon was interested in acquiring the BlackBerry maker, and then the Wall Street Journal added that Microsoft and Nokia considered a joint purchase as well, but neither deal came to fruition. At this point it's uncertain what might happen to the company; it could still get acquired by a deep-pocketed bidder, it might be dismantled piece-by-piece, or it could continue on its current path. RIM's co-chief executives have repeatedly stated that they intend to turn the company around and last we heard they still had the board's support, but amid increasing pressure, falling profits and rumored delays for desperately-needed upcoming products, it's becoming clear that something will have to change — and soon.