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Vizio will jump on the 4K TV bandwagon, but not this year (hands-on)

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Vizio showed an 84-inch prototype 4K TV at CES.

Vizio 4K TV
Vizio 4K TV

Vizio doesn't have any 4K TVs yet, but it was showing off an 84-inch prototype showcasing the next resolution bump at CES this week. When we say prototype, we mean not even close to production — you can't see it in the photos, but the TV had a seam down the middle that became noticeable when there was motion across it. It was difficult to judge the quality of the higher resolution because most of the content displayed on it wasn't 4K. The TV doesn't have a name, and it's not remotely close to a price or release date, but Vizio wants the world to know it's moving to 4K.