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Fujitsu plans to enter North American phone market

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Fujitsu is expressing a desire to enter the North American phone market. The manufacturer is a big player in Japan, but hasn't yet expanded overseas.

fujitsu arrows
fujitsu arrows

When we showed you the Fujitsu Toshiba IS12t Windows Phone yesterday, we thought it was the kind of product that would never make it outside of Japan. That's probably still true, but you could be seeing other devices from Fujitsu come to the US in the future — Senior Executive Vice President Hideyuki Saso is saying that North America is the manufacturer's eventual "priority market". Fujitsu is a major player in the Japanese smartphone world, with a wide range of devices sold under the Arrows brand. Aside from its waterproof, 13.2-megapixel camera Windows Phone, it also produces Regza-branded models in partnership with Toshiba, and claims to have the world's thinnest smartphone in the shape of the 6.7mm IS12f.