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Fujikom LeDenQ Z-Wave wireless LED lightbulb is a world's first

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Fujikom LeDenQ Z-Wave wireless LED lightbulb announced at CES 2012. This world's first is capable of 20,000 colors for 40,000 hours at a price of about $100 when it launches in March.

Fujikom LED
Fujikom LED

Japanese company Fujikom is at CES 2012 for the introduction of the world's first Z-Wave wireless light bulb capable of emitting about 20,000 colors. The 880 lumen bulb is equivalent to a traditional 60 watt bulb and fits in a standard socket without customization. It's rated at an impressive 40,000 hours, or about 4.5 years of continuous use — much longer in normal use. The bundled controller can independently dim and change the color of up to four bulbs, while the Fujikom smartphone and tablet apps can control up to 232 bulbs and even synchronize the lighting to music. Unfortunately, full control of the bulbs will likely be limited to the included remote and apps until existing Z-Wave control systems can be updated to support the extended Z-Wave color spec. The company is also working on a waterproof model for outdoor use and a more compact version for smaller sockets. Fujikom expects its LeDenQ LED bulbs to be certified by Underwriter Labs in March at which point the company hopes to bundle the remote and LED lightbulb together for about $100 at retail.