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Grooveshark launches HTML5 webapp for streaming music in barebones beta

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Music streaming service Grooveshark just launched an HTML5 player in beta for streaming music to most devices.


Today, music streaming service Grooveshark debuted a new HTML5 webapp in beta for streaming music on some phones without the need for Flash. Apparently it doesn't work on Windows Phone yet, but Grooveshark claims compatibility with iOS, Android 2.3+, BlackBerry Playbook, and the TouchPad. It's decidedly bare bones, because you can't login with your account and there's no way to access your playlists. You are able to search for music, play stations, and listen to Grooveshark's current most popular songs. Despite its lack of features, we tried out a few tracks on an iPhone 4S on WiFi, and it brought up results and started playing quickly and with decent quality. Test it yourself at