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Toshiba Portege M930: a Windows 7 tablet with a keyboard and rotating screen (hands-on)

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Toshiba Portege M930: a sliding Windows PC and tablet (hands-on pictures and video)

Gallery Photo: Toshiba Portege M930 hands-on pictures
Gallery Photo: Toshiba Portege M930 hands-on pictures

You've been dying for an Asus Eee Pad Slider running Windows 7, right? Hiding amongst the hoards of ultrabooks on display at the Microsoft booth at CES 2012, is your answer: the Toshiba Portege M930. Oddly, Toshiba hasn't announced this tablet / laptop hybrid and doesn't even have it on display at its booth, but the rotating tablet seems pretty far along, considering it has a real name and the unit on display was working quite well.

You'll want to check the video below for how the screen mechanism works, but it's one of the more well-designed hinges I've seen. You don't have to slide the screen over the keyboard which has been a worrisome feature of the Eee Pad Slider and even the Samsung Series 7 Slider (which actually never came out). In laptop mode the screen flips backwards and then folds over the keyboard. The biggest problem is how thick and heavy the 4.2-pound / 1.1-inch laptop is. The wider 13.3-inch, 1280 x 800 display is partially to blame, but Toshiba has also wrapped the machine with a number of ports.

The touchscreen wasn't responding to finger input, but the stylus (which pops out of the back) was working decently. There's also no touchpad, but there is a pointing stick on the right edge with two mouse buttons. According to the placard, the M930 will have a Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 256GB solid state drive. That's basically the usual ultrabook specs, but we'll just have to see how Toshiba plans to price this one if and when it ever officially announces it.