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T-Mobile on the iPhone: 'no knowledge of Apple’s product roadmap'

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T-Mobile has issued a retraction after its CTO said that a future version of the iPhone would support T-Mobile's 3G spectrum.

iphone 4s
iphone 4s

Strangely similar things are coming from the mouths of T-Mobile executives. We already pointed out that CEO Philipp Humm noted T-Mobile didn't get the iPhone in part because of its unique use of the AWS spectrum, but that it given how quickly chipsets were evolving it was always possible that a future version of the iPhone could support the spectrum. Humm's CTO, Neville Ray, was much more direct in an interview with CNET: "The next chipset will support AWS." That's a pretty bold statement, bold enough that T-Mobile felt that it needed to issue a retraction today:

Comments made by T-Mobile’s CTO, Neville Ray, regarding the evolution of chipsets to include additional bands were misconstrued. Mr. Ray was speaking generally to chipset advancements available to all phone manufacturers. T-Mobile has no knowledge of Apple’s product roadmap and our position on the iPhone has not changed.

We're not sure how one could misconstrue Neville's statement, and the fact that both he and the CEO are out there talking about a pentaband iPhone tells us that there's something deeper going on here. Whether that's just a corporate message gone awry, a desperate hope that Apple will bow to pressure and switch to pentaband, or actual inside knowledge we can't say. What we can say is that of all the major carriers in the US, it seems like it's the one carrier that doesn't offer the iPhone that's talking about it the most.