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I'm Circle concept is your personal processing unit

I'm Circle concept is your personal processing unit


The I'm Circle is a new concept in personal electronics, bringing

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The I'm Circle concept is a totally new way of thinking about personal electronics, centralizing the processing power of the phones, tablets, and media players around you into a tiny pendant-sized box named the I'm Core. In turn, these devices will become no more than variously sized interfaces to access the Core. The idea comes from the same team as the Android-powered I'm Watch that we saw a few days ago, and is designed to be the ultimate continuous client, giving you the ability to answer calls, respond to texts and emails, or watch media on whichever device you choose — be it your phone, tablet, or TV. It's based on Android 4.0, with the interface shared across all of your devices.

As great as this concept sounds, we're a little sceptical of the practicalities of fitting all of the hardware necessary to power these devices into something only a couple of inches square. To provide all of the functionality of these devices, the Core would have to contain a processor (I'm suggests quad-core), RAM, storage, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a cell radio, and a SIM card, along with a battery powerful enough to drive everything. The idea seems like fantasy, but despite these challenges I'm is targeting a release by the end of 2012.