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Minecraft updated to version 1.1: new languages, improved sheep and bows

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Minecraft was updated to version 1.1 this week, adding several new features and improvements to the game.

Minecraft sheep
Minecraft sheep

Less than two months after getting its official 1.0 release, Minecraft is getting another update this week, to version 1.1. The update adds a few fun features to the game: sheep that now eat grass and will re-grow their wool, enhanced bows, apples that fall from trees ("Newton would be proud," the video announcing the update says), and different-colored eggs for spawning pigs and other animals. New languages might be the most important change, though: Minecraft now supports German, French, and Swedish translations. (And Pirate.) That's a lot of new stuff to turn into 3D printables, or some new things to add to the entire level of Super Mario you built. Or, failing all that, it's just some fun new stuff to play with in the giant world of Minecraft.